Van Santen Netwerk:
partner in communication

Van Santen Network is a creative communications network. We organize efficient communication without unnecessarily complicating the process. Only the people and parties that truly add value to the creative process are involved. We have been working in this way for years. Since 2004, to be precise. Not for reasons of 'economic considerations', but based on our vision and belief that this method delivers higher quality. Faster and at a lower cost. And, more importantly, it brings greater working pleasure.

What we do

The communications landscape is changing rapidly. ‘Static brands’ are outdated. Anyone wanting to communicate consistently will follow the dynamics of change. Remaining  recognisable. That, in turn, requires flexibility, top talent and the best team for each  assignment (‘a la carte’). We know where to find the best freelance talents and how to connect them to our clients. In this way we create small, experienced teams that are fast, flexible and scalable.

How we work

We work like a three-stage rocket: Think. Create. Do. Thorough thinking brings us to the heart of the challenge (Think), we look for unexpected solutions (Create) and optimize them until everyone is convinced (Do).

Van Santen Netwerk: in a nutshell

• Excellent network consisting of the best freelance talent / teams for specific assignments

• Managed by small, experienced core team

• The client is an important team member

• Fast, flexible and scalable

• Creative, innovative and effective

• Short lines, tight planning, clear budget

• Amsterdam agency, un-Amsterdam pricing

Like to know more? Drop by!

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