Welcome to Van Santen Netwerk.

Our office

You don’t need to be big enough to think big. In our office there are no partition walls or Chinese walls. We don’t have departments or quiet rooms. Our desks connect so that we are always up to date. 

Our team

We have a small core team that focuses on strategy and direction. We can move between topics instantly. That’s essential for a network organization which partners with world-leading customers. 

Our network

We aim to get the best from our network for each assignment. Unexpected combinations of expertise create pure energy. As a result, we are able to integrate innovative creative thoughts into a tightly managed process. That ensures you get the best possible solutions. Within the budget. Inside the  deadline.


Helga Voogd and Christian van Santen

Christian van Santen, founder and director at Van Santen Network.

Born in Argentina.
Fascinated by polo.
Favourite city: Paris.
Sponsor of Foam.
Originally an operations manager.
Currently director.
Combines Argentine hospitality and temperament with Dutch sobriety.
Star sign: Capricorn.
Motto: a deal is a deal.


Christian on


Helga Voogd, partner and strategist at Van Santen Network.

Born in Groningen.
Studied leisure and tourism.
Passion for communication.
Originally an Account professional.
Inspired by tweets from Omdenken.
Favourite city: Buenos Aires.
Star sign: Leo.
Motto: don’t believe everything you think (Eckhart Tolle).


Helga on